Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(The scene is of an Indian train)

As he munched a biscuit sitting besides me,
And his phone rang with a repulsive ringtone
He picked it, breaking the silence and order
And leisurely spoke into it, loud and louder.

The jolly couple in parallel raised their voices,
Unconcerned of their chat’s public audibility
Laptops displaying movies, followed suit
None protested, all adopted the new route.

The corn-seller announced his arrival
And keen buyers shouted their approval
A person kept door open, for self-comfort
Letting cool wind escape, being joined by smokers.

The frustrated child unable to tolerate anymore
Burst into tears, worsening the mess around
The proud parents looked smilingly in all directions
Comforting, yet pleased tears dragged others’ attention.

I felt like the child, but couldn’t cry
Wished I’d smoked, but didn’t want to try
Head throbbing, yet unable to quieten the people or child
Thought I’d join, but restrained from belonging to the wild.

Experiencing a miniature anarchist world
Where each enjoyed apparently boundless rights
I felt nauseate in the cubicle without rules
Gladly escaping at the station, from a world of free fools.


pgm said...

im wondering if this could be a Dutch scene.
u dint specify anywhere... :P

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

i have pretty clearly mentioned "Indian" train... And anyways, if the confusion still persists- no this cant be a Dutch scene

Rohan said...

nice one... I can picture stuff :)

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